Pricing & F.A.Q.s

Song Writing Camp: $825.00
Old School Bluegrass Camp: $895.00
Fiddle & Banjo Camp: $795.00
Camp Companion (Bluegrass): $350.00
Camp Companion (Fiddle & Banjo) : $300.00
Glamping Tents: Double, $325.00, Single, $295.00
all prices subject to HST of 13%
Sign Up For Any Two Camps In 2023 And Save $125.00!

ALL CAMPS INCLUDE:  on-site tent or trailer camping, heated showers, permanent airy washroom with running potable water, three homemade meals a day, snacks, coffee and tea, all workshops, lessons, group activities, concerts and jam sessions.  Most of our camps include private one-on-one instruction for each camper.

Frequently Asked Questions about Old School Camps

(Each of our camps is a little different – please see the page dedicated to your camp for more details, any questions email

Can beginners attend camp?

The instrument instructors tailor the group classes to the needs of everyone participating.  You will need to have a basic knowledge of how to play your instrument and a sense of where the notes are located and should be able to easily move from chord to chord.  You do not need to be able to read sheet music.

What is a Camp Companion?

Being a Camp Companion is the best deal around!  A camper’s partner or friend may sign up to attend camp and enjoy camping, all meals, concerts, fire-side sessions and dances as well as most workshops!  We LOVE welcoming Camp Companions to Camp. Camp Companions can attend Old School Bluegrass Camp for $350.00 + HST, and Fiddle & Banjo Camp for $300.00 + HST.

Are there any added fees when I get to camp?

No – there are no added fees during the week of camp, but you may want to purchase CDs, T-Shirts and other merchandise from our camp instructors, and Old School Camp shirts, hats and stickers.

Will I be performing on stage?

At Old School Bluegrass Camp – Yes – all student campers perform at the student concerts with their band-lab groups; this is required.  If you are nervous, that’s ok, we are a supportive and positive group and provide a safe place to step out of your comfort zone.  You’ll feel so great for having taken the plunge.  Many campers have formed bands and jamming circles after they met at camp! Our other camps don’t include an on-stage performance component.

Will I have to sing?

You aren’t required to sing, but it’s strongly encouraged.  Our fabulous vocal and performance coach, Kristine Schmitt is on site and you will be able to have a one-on-one with her about your abilities, fears and how to take to the next level.  Chances are, you’ll be singing through the week of camp in groups or even on your own without even realizing it!

What is a ‘Glamping’ Tent?

‘Glamping’ Tents are spacious camp tents with raised single beds with a real mattress and full bedding provided. Battery powered lighting and all set up before you arrive. Coming as a couple and need a double? Let us know and we can set one up for you. Rent a Glamping Tent for Bluegrass Camp $295+ HST = $333.35 in addition to camp registration fees.

Are there other places to stay nearby if I prefer not to camp?

There are some lovely accommodations nearby listed on our Location Page:

I have dietary restrictions and food allergies – will there be something available for me?

The chef and kitchen staff at OSBC design healthy and filling daily menus and snacks to match the needs of all our student campers – just include any restrictions and allergies in your application form so that we know ahead of time.

I have a trailer – can the campsite accommodate that? Are there hook-ups available?

Yes – we can accommodate trailers, but No – there are no electrical or water hook-ups.  

What are the facilities like at camp?

There are three private, clean and airy all-gender washrooms at camp with potable running water for all your daily needs.  There are two beautiful, private, outdoor showers with unlimited hot water for a refresh any time of day.  

Is Wi-Fi and internet available at camp?

There is no WIFI at camp. You will be able to use your cellular data, and if there is an issue and you absolutely need a computer, we can arrange to set up a hot spot for you.

Where can I store my instruments when we’re not playing?

For the rare moments when you won’t be playing, like meal times and sleep; a weatherproof storage area is provided for instruments. Bringing a hard or soft case for your instruments is highly recommended – if you don’t have one, email and we may be able to loan you one.

What should I wear at camp?

Camp attire is summer casual.  Bring sandals and sensible shoes as there are short walks on fields and gravel trails involved.  Be prepared for outdoor concerts and campfire jams, so be sure to bring cooler weather and rain clothing.  Bring insect spray and sunscreen.  You may wish to bring along any special concert attire you’d like to wear for performances. There is swimming available nearby so you may wish to bring a swimsuit.  You will be sent a full list of what to bring in your camper information package.

Can I bring my children?

Old School Bluegrass Camp is for campers and camp companions aged 18 and over.  If your children are over 18, they are very welcome to attend as camp companions.

 Can I bring my dog, cat, parrot, or llama?

No – Old School Camps doesn’t allow pets.

Can I bring my bike?

Yes – many campers enjoy an early morning ride, so feel free to bring your bike.

I’m coming from far away and can’t bring my instrument with me to camp – are there loaner instruments available?

OSBC may have some instruments on hand that can be loaned out for the week of camp – inquire at

I live nearby and have some friends and family that want to come to the student camper concerts – can they come? 

We do not allow folks to the site who are not registered as a camper or camp companion.

Where can I park my vehicle?

Camper parking is in the large field adjacent the campsite.  We encourage campers to bring all that they need to camp so that we will not have cars driving in and out of camp.  Campers who have arranged to stay in an Inn or B&B will park across the road at the church so that they can easily come and go.

What time does Camp start and end?

Camps generally start mid-afternoon on the first day and wrap-up after lunch the final day.

Should I bring my amp, pedals, microphones or any of my gear?

No – Old School Camps keeps it Old School and acoustic, sound will be provided at the student concerts and the open stage. 

Sometimes I play with a capo on my mandolin – is that allowed?

Look deep, deep into your heart to find the answer to that question.