Fiddle & Banjo Camp

Fiddle and Banjo Camp is a workshop-based camp, focusing on playing together!  You will enjoy group classes on your chosen instrument, mixed lessons where you’ll learn to support banjo and fiddle as well as guitar and bass, sending your jamming chops into the stratosphere!


Why Fiddle and Banjo?  In our opinion, these unique instruments are made to be played together, and we want more of that out in the world!  Don’t play banjo or fiddle?  We provide an exciting and hands-on repertoire class during the instrument class time for those playing other instruments.  Last year we had mandolin, guitar and bass clarinet, and that band was cookin’! 

Hungry to start making music together?   At Old School Fiddle and Banjo Camp, you’ll be served a steady diet of all-day pickin’, evening sessions, and nightly bonfire jams.  Included with your meal is a healthy side-dish of hot tips, tasty ideas and spicy meatballs from your wonderful instructors.  You’ll be playing well with others in no time!

If you are attending 2 camps, don’t forget you get a $125.00 discount!


Who is teaching at camp?

Clawhammer – Riley Baugus

Is your frailing flailing?  Does your hammer stammer?  We can help!  North Carolina’s own musical sensation Riley Baugus is teaching Clawhammer Banjo this year!  You’ll be thrilled with your classes, workshops and sessions with this Appalachian music man, and if you aren’t he might throw an “apple atcha”. 


Bluegrass banjo  – Denis LePage

Want your right hand to know what your left hand is doing?  You’ll be ambidextrous on the five string after your classes and workshops with Canadian Banjo Legend, Denis Le Page. “Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’,” “Keep those banjos rollin’” Rawhide!  

Click the link for ‘Banjo Talk’ with Denis LePage

Fiddle – Saskia Tomkins

Who plays Viola, Violin,Cello, Nyckelharpa , has two thumbs and is wonderful?  Saskia Tomkins, that’s who!  Saskia is bringing her patented charm and insight back to camp this year!  Yay!  All of her classes and workshops are served with a hero’s dose arranging and composing in a broad range of styles.


Fiddle – Rosalyn Dennett

Do you need a new string in your step?  Do you want to play like nobody’s listening? Are techniques your thing?  You’ll be rocking a whole new bag of tricks thanks to daily classes and workshops with fiddle master, musical idol and great hang;  Rosalyn Dennett!


Repertoire – Luke Mercier

Wanna excavate the musical knowledge sites of ancient civilizations without having a curse put upon you? Looking to dig deeper into old time, bluegrass and folk music?  You’ll be learning, arranging and performing inspiring tunes and songs, new and old, in your Repertoire Sessions with the incredible fiddle and banjo wonder-kind, Luke Mercier! 



What is included in my camp fee?

There are no extra fees or meal plans at Old School, your fee covers everything for you at camp.

This includes: all meals and snacks served fresh and hot
– on-site camping with hot showers – there is no charge for campers or RV’s but there are NO HOOKUPS
– airy, clean private washroom facilities
– potable well water
– secure instrument storage
– ALL workshops, classes and activities
– exclusive evening performances by your instructors
– fire-side sessions and jams with instructors nightly

Camp Companions:  Bringing along a Camp Companion is the deal of the century.  A companion must attend with a registered camper.  The companion will enjoy all meals, all performances, sessions and jams plus any group workshops.

Glamping!  You can rent a tent from us that will be all set up for you when you arrive.  There will be a bed with clean warm bedding and pillows (not an air mattress), side table, chair and battery powered lighting.  Singles and doubles available, limited number of tents, so act soon!

Where is camp?

Old School Camps are held in the beautiful Lanark Highlands of eastern Ontario, in the hamlet of Elphin.  Camp owners and directors Jenny Whiteley and Joey Wright are pleased to welcome you to their home, a century farm house surrounded by acres of rolling farmland, where you’ll be camping and learning.

Elphin is 3.5 hours from Toronto, 3.5 hours from Montreal, 1 hour from Kingston, Ontario.  The address and location will be emailed to you including directions after registration.

Ride sharing can be facilitated, including pick-up from airports, train stations and bus terminals if needed.  Send us a note with questions.  Parking is adjacent to the camping area on-site.

When is camp?

Camp starts July 6 at 4pm and ends July 9 after lunch.  Exact times are emailed to registered campers.

How do I sign up?

Check our FAQs for more information, or email us anytime with questions or concerns, we’re here to help! You can sign up on our registration page:

Classes and workshops are geared towards all skill levels and feature a variety of styles for Fiddle and both Clawhammer and Bluegrass Banjo; if you’d like to attend and study an instrument other than Fiddle or Banjo (guitar, upright bass, mandolin) please email and we’ll arrange classes and workshops focused on accompaniment instruments.

A typical day at Old School Fiddle & Banjo Camp…

8:00 Early Bird Coffee Time
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Group Lessons with Fiddles or Banjos
11:30 Workshop (eg: Backing Up the Fiddle/Banjo, Simple Arranging for Strings, Banjo Styles and Why They Matter – bring your instruments!)
12:30 Lunch (sign up for open stage)
2:00 Private Lessons
3:30 Workshop (Sam Allison’s North American Instrument’s connection to Africa)
4:30 Group Lessons – SWITCH – New Instructor on Fiddle or Banjo
6:00 Dinner
7:30 Instructor Concert on The Sunset Stage
9:00 Fire-side sessions led by your instructors – slow and faster – fun jams!